Sisters hear me calling you
Beyond the tides of time
I summon you from Hades
Redeem me from this crime
Guardians of the law
Protectors of the weak
To this day we live
Surrounded by your mystique
I need you here with me
I need you, hear my prayers
Bring me retribution
Hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned
I will sell my soul
I mix my lifeblood with the fire
He will scream for me
The lover who became the liar
Going down in flames
Sisters of fury
Goddesses of vengeance
Spread your wings
And hold your torches high
Avenge those who have faltered
And bring justice to us all
Let your whips sing
Daughters of the night
Daughters of the night
My pulse is rushing
My heart is throbbing
Filled with unceasing anger
I can feel the blood moon rising
Scarlet upon Stygian
I’m your kin living in this century
I carry on your legacy