Ducking under, a fist thrown casually
She sneaks past, and out the door
Hiding herself, on a daily basis
Keep it inside, every night on the floor

Made to regret, each syllable
Turning into, a cautious being
Bruises concealed, as she lives
Barely life, there’s no fleeing

Walking in the door she’s grabbed by the hair
Thrown to the ground and his anger flares
She braces for the blows she knows will land
On her tenderized flesh, at her captor’s hand

She closes her eyes
And takes herself away
Reliving happy days
Away from all the pain
The beating doesn’t phase
She is almost glad
With remarkable mind power
She can escape her dad

Rising up, her arms covered in bruises
At last the will to fight, to escape the abusement

On the other end, she now wields the sword
Holding in her hand a blade with which to thwart his word
Slicing off the flesh of the one who gave her life
She gives in to the thrill of flesh parting for her knife