The Glorious stench
Revel in
The first of many deaths
By the pain in her eyes
The soft caress
Of her clutching hand as she dies

Step back
Observe the decay
A sense of detachment
From a horrific way
Keeping a distance
To maintain sanity
A professional absence
Of the right mentality

Smooth flesh
More than art
Carve my mark
Into her soul
Indulge in
A scarred heart
As she falls
Relinquish control

Invading her soul at peace
A grasp of morality decrease

Her spirit chained
A merging of consciousness
Won’t slip away
From a tenuous clutch

Protection from depths of harm
Feeling her thoughts, cause no alarm

Guiding quiet thoughts
To that of malicious acts
Experience hate
Stronger than living emotion

Too long apart from conscious thought
Exposing layers of the distraught

Massacre this
Folding stretch of skin
Peel away strength
Gasping as force is drained

Master or slave of the force of mind
Failing to see where we are entwined

Pushing apart
Tearing this connection
Sit back and appraise
The ease which her flesh gave way