Thinking yourself open, you speak confidently
Arrogance apparent, as you refuse to see
Those born high, cannot be faulted
Your mind is twisted, and your future clouded

Those gathered below shout both praise and words of hate
Look deep into their eyes, their appetites sate

Do you deny your narcissism?
With care you peel away their pessimism

Meet my eyes, i am one with them
See through the lies, recognize what you pretend
You hide behind the mask of your skin
Shelter beneath the cloak of your sin

Do you embrace your hedonism?
With hurried breath you bring down their optimism

When the strings are seen, they may be seized

Losing control, as they beg for your favour
Closing your eyes, to maintain control you labour
Control, i see your grasp wavering
Denied, the chance to live as yourself

When the strings are seen, they may be seized