Towards the horizon
From under the sea
Is laughing at me

Greenish visions
From the past
Millions of coffins
Of the future

The waves sing death
I’m listening to their message
The sky melts and the star fries
I’m a cell in your veins

Ears turn into birds
Flesh starts to shrink
My tearduct evacuates shapes and rain
Slugs are crawling on the sun
Your mental health is weakening
The planet surrounds you
You’re only a reflection

Look at me - I’m your scenery
Paint me and you’ll see
Close your eyes and you’ll be free

8. Importance of the Dimensionless Mirage

My patience hampers the evil that hallucinates the light
The eye of the ephemera is warning me watch out the life
I see into the spike, this isn’t the usual way to die
I’ve always thought that you’re a unique person

But my comprehension ends, when I saw you flying between the air
Do you understand the importance of a dimensionless mirage??

The web of time
Has enmeshed me
On endless arms
I fall asleep

Can you forgive me
Forget all those carnages
Which I realized in your life

My cross is dead and the ephemera’s eye is blind
The web has melted - my dream is reality
Do you understand the importance of a dimensionless mirage