Unable to see, unable to hear
Your whole life is lived in fear
Weakened arms, sickly legs
A useless being of no consequence
Might as well have been drowned
For all your use on this earth
A waste of money, waste of time
To put you to death should be no crime

Genetic deformity, useless life
You should die by poison knife
Genetic deformity, you’re no god
Poison knife will draw your blood

Crumpled up, people think you’re fun
They don’t know you’re hated son
A burden on the family ties
They say they love you - it’s all lies
They would like to see you dead
Suffocate you in your bed
One dark night you’ll meet your fate
Until then a long slow wait


The night arrives, your father comes
Plunges the knife into your lungs
You’re in pain, start to scream
Blood and guts cover the sheets
The death of an unwanted child
The fury of a father
You’ll go to Hell you useless thing
Where you’ll pay for your father’s sin