Who is this man before me and what crime has he done?
Do you want me to free him or let Barabas run?
Barabas is a murderer, an evil man, a thief
Yet you want me to destroy Jesus to satisfy your belief

Live or will he die
Sentenced by Pilate, we’ll crucify

When I give you this man Barabas will be freed
Then you’re free to kill Christ for your bloodthirsty creed
The cross is ready and prepared for him to be slain
I know that you will mutilate and let him die in pain


I have washed my hands of him, now he is all yours

It is none of my doing that Jesus Christ is dead
Forgive me father in Heaven, give me my daily bread
If I had done what was right my life would be lost
Jesus Christ would have lived and I’d be nailed to the cross


[Repeat 1st verse]


We’ll crucify!