Forget the singing
For desperate means
Your deepest black veil
Hanging all over the walls

Call me the Introducer
Without running out to soil
Meet the man
Who was desperately fighting
To override all the explications
In mirror of Blackness
In moonlight of 15th century
Calmly undressing the bodies
turning bleak and abused
In front of the deaf mute Eyes

Transform the faculties
Of the Estate of the Deceased
Into shimmering metal,
Oh Goddess
For the sake of a Deaf Bird
Who dare to scream anew

Crystal is paralysed
As the Mother of Joy
Without diminishing the pupils
Of every lastborn child
The right of primogeniture
Derived upon the ground
Of revelation
Is nothing but a delay
Caused by a miserable disorder
In the brain
of the Grate Inventor

Burn down the estate
Of the deceased,
oh Goddess
Reach out your mighty hand
Harmed of a fire in Miracle Eve
For the sake of
The Deaf Bird